Tomorrow Lab

An Innovation Studio for Technology Products


Product Design Engineer


Projects I helped work on

SK II - Smart Bottle


Wrote library in C++ for LP5569 LED Driver as well as various LED animations for BMD-350. Designed PCB for first iteration of board.

Presented by Client P&G at CES 2019

Teralytic - Diatom


Teralytic is a US-based agriculture firm creating a connected hardware to improve a farm’s yield by monitoring the growing conditions of the soil.

Wrote I2C library for slave PCB board on STM32 board

Beam Autobrush


Helped in PCB design.Designed code on STM32 to run LEDs, motor driver, and setting device into low power mode in order to conserve battery life.

Implemented multiple modes of operation so that the device either runs continuously if pressed down or for a certain amount of time depending on button press.